Here are few nice things that have been said about our biscuits.

You have managed to put my two favourite treats, chocolate and hazelnut, together in one awe inspiring cookie! Thank you for making such incredibly yummy cookies!!!!! Lyn

I live in Canada and recently sampled you Ginger Crunches after my brother brought them home from a trip to London.  They are the BEST gluten free cookies I have ever tasted.  I look forward to the day when they are available in Canada!  Christine, Canada.

I came across your choc chip cookies in a health food store, I thought they were delicious and was so sad when I finished the packet. Rachel, London.

Hi there! My wonderful sister sent your berry delicious cookies to me here in New Zealand from London ... and it was love at first bite! So now the bad news is ... I'm craving them and have no way of getting my hands on them!!  Kath, New Zealand

I bought some ginger cookies and was in 7th heaven. Now I need to find some more!!! Penny, Sheffield

We do not mean to be biased but these are the best gluten free chocolate chip cookies we have tasted.

When I was in London last week I stumbled on your fabulous cookies, oh how I love them. Nan, USA 

In theory, cookies without wheat, dairy or gluten should taste like rancid polystyrene. I say should because I’ve just binged on a packet of Against the Grain’s allergy-free almond cookies in a gluttonous fashion, they taste incredible.

It’s so difficult to find anything nice to eat when you are on a restricted diet, I think your Ginger Crunches are the best gluten free biscuits I have ever tried-Thank you! Suzanne, Inverness

I cant eat dairy at the moment and your Almond Cookies are my lifeline at work, when everyone else gets mid afternoon slump and reaches for chocolate digestives!  Julia, London